Car hit in frontThis is the final post in a series of articles about handling car accident cases in Peoria, Illinois. My previous post discussed how damages are typically calculated following auto crash accidents. Victims are generally entitled to compensation for property damage, past and future lost wages, and past and future medical expenses. When an accident results in catastrophic injuries, such amounts may be difficult to ascertain and require the use of various experts. It is important to carefully consider all potential damages to help ensure that you and your family recover the compensation to which are entitled. One goal of this series has been to provide information to assist you in selecting personal injury counsel if you have been hurt in an accident. Contacting an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after an accident occurs can help ensure that your interests are protected during settlement negotiations and, if necessary, throughout the trial process. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, contact my office today to speak with an attorney.

This series has addressed the following points:

No one expects to be injured in a car accident. When a crash occurs and results in serious injuries, many people are unsure of their rights and how to proceed. The information discussed in this series can assist victims and their families in several ways. First, many individuals hesitate to pursue legal action if they believe they are partly to blame for the crash. So long as a victim was not more than fifty percent responsible for an accident, however, Illinois’ comparative fault laws allow an injured party to recover a portion of their damages. Second, insurance companies initiate settlement discussions shortly after an accident has occurred. In cases where a party has been injured, negotiations may take a significant period of time, delaying the filing of a lawsuit. Third, attorneys engage in the discovery process to methodically gather evidence in support of their client’s case. This can be especially important to prove liability and damages after a car accident. Fourth, expert witnesses provide valuable testimony for use during settlement discussions and in litigation related to the details of the crash, the victim’s injuries, liability, and damages. Next, it is not always possible to reach an acceptable settlement with the defendant’s insurance company. If negotiations break down or are not resolved before the statute of limitations expires, it may be necessary to initiate a lawsuit and proceed to trial. Last, it is important to understand how damages are calculated, particularly when the victim’s injuries are severe. Failure to accurately estimate the amount of past and future lost wages and medical expenses can create additional financial burdens for victims and their families.

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