Peoria Lawyer Helping Employees Obtain Long-Term Care Benefits For Workplace Injuries

disability insurance claim formThe Illinois Workers’ Compensation system is designed to pay injured workers certain benefits if they are injured on the job. Such benefits may include the payment of lost wages and medical expenses. If an employee suffers a serious injury resulting in long-term medical care or permanent disability, the cost of such benefits can be significant. Unfortunately, employers may view the high-dollar amount of anticipated lifetime or long-term benefits as a reason to encourage a settlement or deny a claim. A denial of one’s workers’ comp benefits can mean significant financial hardship for the injured party and their family. Damon Young is a Peoria attorney helping injured workers obtain the long-term care benefits to which they may be entitled. He is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each of his clients during their case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our lawyer. Our firm also serves clients in Bloomington and other Central Illinois cities.

Workers’ compensation attorney assisting Peoria accident victims to obtain long-term care benefits

Our state’s workers’ compensation system allows employees who are injured or become sick from a work-related event to receive certain medical benefits and recover a portion of their lost wages. Employers are required to pay for these benefits, which are administered through the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Serious injuries may require significant ongoing medical treatment. Others may even result in the permanent partial or total disability of the worker. In such cases, employees may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits and disability payments on a long-term basis. For example, if a person crushes their hand in a machine shop accident, that employee may require a lifetime of surgeries, physical therapy, and prescription medication among other treatments. In addition, if the employee has lost all or a portion of the hand’s functionality, the commission may award permanent partial disability benefits to cover certain lost wages.

Managing the claims process for long-term care benefits can become complicated, particularly if an employer disputes one’s claim. Denials can be based on multiple arguments. For instance, the employer may argue that an injury occurred outside of the workplace or as a result of employee misconduct. They may argue that the extent of the injury has been exaggerated or even fabricated. An employer may petition for the termination of benefits if a person regains their ability to work or begins working while receiving disability benefits. This can become especially contentious in long-term benefit claims. Other disputes may involve the calculation of one’s lost wages or the reasonability of medical expenses. Denials of genuine claims can delay or preclude an injured worker from recovering the benefits to which they may be entitled. An experienced workers’ comp attorney will work with your treating physicians to understand your medical prognosis. Counsel may retain expert witnesses to provide additional evidence of the long-term consequences of your injury. A knowledgeable lawyer will also be familiar with the appeals process should your claim be denied.

Damon Young is a Peoria workers’ compensation attorney helping injured employees obtain the long-term care benefits they deserve. He understands that serious workplace injuries can impact victims and their families physically, emotionally, and financially for life. Damon offers a free initial consultation to understand the nature of your injury or illness and explain what you can expect from the claims process. He will meet with you at the hospital or your home if necessary during your recovery. He will work closely with your healthcare professionals to understand your long-term care needs. Armed with this information, he will aggressively pursue your long-term care benefits from your employer. If challenged or denied, Damon will request emergency appeal hearings and other appellate actions to protect your interests. He will not back down from wrongful denials of long-term care benefits.

Lawyer providing personalized customer service to Illinois workplace accident victims

When a Peoria resident’s life is permanently altered by a workplace accident or illness, we believe that the victim should receive the long-term care benefits to which they may be entitled.  Damon takes a personalized approach to his cases so you can focus on moving on with your life. He prioritizes attorney-client communication. He quickly responds to phone calls and email inquiries from clients and provides his cell phone number for maximum accessibility. Our office takes pride in the level of customer service our clients deserve in each case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

In addition to Peoria, our lawyer also serves clients in the Illinois cities of Bloomington, Eureka, Galesburg, Morton, Normal, Pekin, Springfield, and Washington.