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past due medical billAccidents can happen anywhere. When an unexpected workplace accident results in injuries to an employee, it may be necessary to seek emergency and ongoing medical treatments. When medical care is required after being hurt on the job, the Illinois workers’ compensation system allows employees to collect medical benefits. It is not uncommon, however, for employers to challenge the payments of workers’ comp benefits. This may cause delay or prevent an injured worker from receiving the medical benefits to which they are entitled. In such cases, an attorney with workers’ compensation experience may help you challenge any wrongful denial of benefits. Damon Young is a Peoria workers’ comp lawyer who helps injured employees obtain their rightful medical benefits. He is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service to his clients throughout their case. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. In addition to Peoria, we also serve Bloomington and other areas in Central Illinois.

Attorney assisting Peoria residents who require medical care after a workplace injury

Workplace injuries can arise in many different ways. Whether a grocery clerk slips on a wet floor or a forklift operator crushes his leg in an accident, injuries of all sorts can require medical treatment. Depending upon the severity of the injury, one may require multiple surgeries, ongoing physical therapy, or hospitalization. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured worker’s employer must pay all costs of medical care reasonably necessary to relieve or cure the effects of the injury. This may include first aid, emergency room care, hospital stays, surgeries, doctors’ appointments, medical devices, and more. If the employer does not dispute the employee’s claim or the necessity of the treatment, then they will pay the medical bill directly. If, on the other hand, they believe that a person’s treatment was unnecessary, they may challenge the cost with the Commission. An employer may request a “utilization review” of the employee’s medical treatments, including anticipated future procedures, related to the workplace injury, and present the findings to the Commission. A claim may be denied if the treatment is determined to be outside of the scope of the program. If so, the employee may be held responsible for the bill. If your medical benefits are being challenged, an experienced workers’ comp attorney can help you preserve your rights.

It is important for injured workers to seek first aid or other medical attention immediately after an injury occurs or after noticing a developing condition, such as breathing problems. This will help preserve information that could be relevant to your workers’ comp claim, such as the time and place of the accident or workplace conditions that may have caused the injury. It is also imperative to notify your employer quickly and within the required forty-five day notice period to preserve your right to make a workers’ comp claim. Doing so may also help confirm that the injury was work-related. Employees seeking medical benefits are required to cooperate with their treating physicians and to make reasonable efforts to recover and return to work if possible. Unfortunately, even when these recommendations are followed, employers may deny a claim or delay payment.

Damon Young is a Peoria workers’ compensation lawyer helping injured employees obtain the medical benefits they deserve. He understands how the denial of medical treatment can be detrimental to one’s potential recovery. Injured workers who are out of work and undergoing significant medical treatment can experience serious financial hardships. This can be especially stressful if your employer is denying your medical benefits. In most cases, healthcare providers are not permitted to bill patients or initiate collection efforts if their patient’s treatment is subject to a pending workers’ comp claim. Damon can help those suffering from workplace injuries to quickly file their claim to protect them from bill collectors while the claim is under review. He knows that many employers are more interested in their bottom line than the well-being of their employees and will not back down from large corporations who deny medical benefits.

Lawyer providing personalized customer service to Peoria, Illinois workplace accident victims

When a serious accident or illness occurs, the victims must shift their attention to recovering. They should not have to deal with complicated legal hurdles when seeking medical benefits from their employer. Damon understands that you have other priorities after an injury and takes a hands-on approach to his cases so you can focus on getting better. He keeps his clients updated on all case developments regularly. He quickly responds to phone calls and email inquiries from clients and provides his cell phone number for maximum accessibility. Our lawyer takes pride in the level of customer service we provide in each case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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