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counsel table in empty courtroomA personal injury suffered in an accident can have a catastrophic impact on one’s future. Depending upon the severity of the injuries suffered, victims may be unable to return to work for long periods or may even be permanently prevented from doing so. A catastrophic injury, such as brain damage, paralysis, or loss of limb, may leave one unable to care for children, make a living, or otherwise enjoy life. The impact on a victim’s family may also be devastating. Ongoing medical treatments, therapy, nursing care, and more can financially cripple a family forever. While compensation cannot make the victim whole again, it can alleviate some of the burdens on the family’s finances. Damon Young is a personal injury attorney who handles cases in Peoria and Bloomington and other areas of Central Illinois. Practicing since 2003, he has significant experience representing victims and their families who have suffered injuries at the hands of others. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a lawyer.

Peoria personal injury lawyer aggressively representing accident victims

There are countless ways in which a person may be seriously harmed as a result of the negligence or intentional acts of third parties. Our firm handles many types of personal injury cases including:

When injuries are caused by another’s negligence, the victim is entitled to recover damages. To receive compensation, either through an insurance settlement or litigation, one must establish that the defendant caused the accident. Under Illinois law, even if the victim was partially responsible for the event, the defendant may still be held liable and required to compensate the victim. So long as the victim was not more than fifty percent at fault, recovery of damages is possible. Expert witnesses are often retained in personal injury cases to help establish liability and estimate the victim’s damages. Settlement negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company can be intimidating. Adjusters are motivated to minimize their exposure and commonly offer much less than adequate compensation. Hiring an attorney who regularly handles such matters will be crucial when navigating this process.

Damon Young is a Peoria accident lawyer who is dedicated to getting results for victims and their families. Once retained, he will immediately work to identify all potential defendants and their insurance policies. He will inform the insurance carriers that they will be dealing directly with our office instead of the injured party. Removing this burden from the victim can relieve significant and unnecessary pressure. Damon will work directly with the victim’s physicians to monitor treatments and understand the individual’s long-term medical prognosis. He will retain other necessary expert witnesses, such as accident reconstructionists, vocational specialists, or economists to prove liability and damages. If the matter cannot be settled, Damon will not hesitate to initiate a lawsuit and take the case to trial.

Damon understands that medical bills can pile up quickly after an accident. Emergency medical treatment can be expensive and bill collectors may expect to get paid before your case is over. He frequently works directly with healthcare providers to delay or prevent collection actions against his clients pending the outcome of the lawsuit. He also assists clients with Medical Payments Coverage, or “med pay,” and can explain how such coverage may impact your final settlement. By contacting our office as soon as possible after an accident occurs, Damon can help you navigate this process.

Peoria attorney providing quality service to personal injury accident victims

Damon understands the stress that an injury can place upon victims and their families. He offers potential clients a free initial consultation to hear the details of the incident and explain what to expect during the legal process. He assists his clients by maintaining high-quality customer service, including regular communications about case updates and developments. Damon provides his clients with his cell phone number and strives to respond to emails and phone calls promptly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.

In addition to Peoria, our firm also serves clients in the Illinois cities of Bloomington, Eureka, Galesburg, Morton, Normal, Pekin, Springfield, and Washington.