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workers' injury claim formHardworking Illinois residents take pride in their jobs. Most employers value their workers and prioritize safety on the job site. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. Accidents at work may result in serious injuries to employees. In some instances, an employee may develop an occupational disease resulting from working conditions. Like other states, Illinois has a workers’ compensation system, which allows employees who are hurt on the job, or who develop a workplace-related illness, to receive payments for medical expenses, rehabilitation, or disability. Managing the claims process or resolving disputes with an employer can become complicated. Damon Young is a Peoria workers’ compensation lawyer assisting those hurt during their employment. He provides hands-on, personalized service to his clients and is ready to assist you. If you have been injured or become sick from working conditions, contact us today to speak with an attorney. We also serve clients in Bloomington and other areas of Central Illinois.

Attorney assisting Peoria residents with workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can result from a multitude of circumstances. Whether one works in an inherently dangerous field, such as manufacturing or construction, or has a desk job, an accident at work can lead to serious injuries or sometimes death. Also, while the workers’ comp system is typically the exclusive relief available by an employee against an employer, injuries caused by the negligence or misconduct of third parties may require additional legal action. Our office works with clients to help manage their claims through the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and its ensuing legal process. We handle matters involving:

Our office’s goal is to help ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Damon Young is a Peoria attorney who assists Illinois residents who have experienced workplace injuries or occupational diseases. Damon will use your free initial consultation to understand your situation and explain the process of making a claim or filing a lawsuit if appropriate. He will personally meet with you at his office, the hospital, or your home if needed during your recovery. He will aggressively pursue any responsible parties if a claim is disputed or denied. He will identify other potential third-party defendants and work with their private insurance companies to negotiate payment for damages you or your family may have suffered as a result of their negligence. Damon understands that this is a trying time in your life and he will not hesitate to appeal your claim or pursue litigation against those responsible.

Lawyer providing high-quality service to Peoria workers who have been injured on the job

Damon understands the stress that a work-related injury or illness can place upon employees and their families. He assists his clients through the workers’ compensation claims process by maintaining high-quality customer service, including regular attorney-client communication about case updates and developments. Damon provides his clients with his cell phone number and strives to respond to emails and phone calls promptly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

In addition to Peoria, our lawyer also serves clients in the Illinois cities of Bloomington, Eureka, Galesburg, Morton, Normal, Pekin, Springfield, and Washington.