Peoria Lawyer Helping Employees Obtain Permanent Disability Benefits For Workplace Injuries

man holding disability claim formWhen a worker is permanently disabled following a workplace accident, they are entitled to receive certain benefits through the Illinois workers’ compensation system. These include the payment of related medical care expenses and a portion of the person’s lost wages. Depending upon the nature of the injury and the impact on the employee’s ability to work in the future, the victim may be entitled to lifelong benefits. Damon Young is a Peoria attorney helping injured workers obtain the permanent disability benefits to which they may be entitled. He is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to his clients throughout their case. Our firm also serves clients in Bloomington and in other Central Illinois cities. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

Workers’ compensation attorney assisting Peoria permanently disabled employees obtain benefits

Illinois workers’ compensation laws protect employees who have been permanently disabled by providing medical benefits and the payment of a portion of their lost wages. The amount of lost wages and how long they will be paid is based upon whether the person was partially or totally disabled. A permanent partial disability (PPD) is defined as the complete loss of a body part or the use thereof, including the partial loss of the body as a whole or permanent disfigurement. When an employee suffers a PPD, they may be entitled to recover certain lost wages. If they are able to work, they may seek two-thirds of the difference between their pre and post-injury wages. Alternatively, the Commission has established a schedule designating a monetary value and payment period applicable for each injured body part. An attorney can explain which option may apply to you. A permanent total disability (PTD) is defined as the permanent and complete loss of both hands, arms, feet, legs, eyes, or combination thereof, or an injury rendering the victim unable to perform work of any kind in the future. A person deemed to be PTD may be entitled to two-thirds of the average weekly wages for life.

Managing the claims process for disability benefits can become complicated, particularly if an employer disputes one’s claim. Similar to other workers’ compensation cases, denials of PTD or PDD benefits can be based on multiple arguments. Commonly in disability cases, one’s ability to work in the future or the impact on one’s functionality may be disputed. For instance, those receiving PTD payments may lose their benefits if they regain the ability to work in the future. In such cases, an employer may petition the Commission for the termination of benefits. Other common disputes may be based on claims that:

  • An injury occurred outside of the workplace or as a result of employee misconduct
  • The worker is lying about the injury
  • The calculation of one’s lost wages is incorrect, or
  • Medical expenses are not reasonably necessary to treat the disability

These types of injuries can be devastating to victims and their families. It is important to retain counsel early in the process to establish that your injury has caused permanent damage. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can work with your treating physicians and other experts to understand your medical prognosis and challenge employer disputes.

Damon Young is a Peoria lawyer helping injured employees obtain the disability benefits they deserve. When a victim has suffered a permanent partial or total disability in a work-related incident, obtaining one’s PPD or PTD benefits can be a family’s lifeline. Damon will work hard to understand your injuries and how they impact your ability to function on an ongoing and permanent basis. Once retained, Damon will take prompt action to request payment of your benefits. He will quickly take the necessary steps to work with your employer, their insurance company, or through the workers’ compensation commission to preserve your rights and expedite payments to the fullest extent possible. In addition, Damon will prepare all evidence available to challenge an employer’s denial or dispute of your claim. Damon understands that you are facing a serious situation. Our firm will give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us today.

Peoria attorney staying in regular communication with injured workers seeking disability benefits

Damon is a Peoria lawyer who represents injured workers seeking payment for their disability benefits. He prides himself in regularly communicating with his clients during their case through emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. He responds to client inquiries and concerns promptly and prioritizes attorney-client communications. If you have been permanently disabled in a workplace injury and are seeking payment of your benefits, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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